Dr. Charles Serrurier



Based at the Netcare Rosebank Hospital in the Rosepark Building, which is situated in the leafy tranquility of Johannesburg's northern suburbs, Dr Serrurier's practice is a careful balance of clinical professionalism, and a welcoming sanctuary for patients who are ready to make either small or large, life altering, plastic surgery changes. Dr Serrurier also operates at The Rosebank Medical & Dental Centre, 11 Sturdee Ave, Rosebank, Johannesburg, 2196 as a vital member of the Netcare Breast Health Centre of Excellence.


Dr Serrurier is a specialist Cosmetic and Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon and is a member of:
APRSSA (Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of South Africa) and,
ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons).

In addition to his private practice at the Netcare Rosebank Hospital in the Rosepark Building, and the surgery's he performs at the Millpark Hospital, Charles also heads up the Plastic Surgical team at the educational hospital, Helen Joseph, in Auckland Park.


More than simply gaining quality results for his patients through his qualifications and expertise, Dr Serrurier, believes in offering a professional service and expert advice. Charles makes a point of ensuring that all his patients feel comfortable and confident on every level that they are in capable hands. Whether he's being consulted for cosmetic or reconstructive surgery or the less invasive procedures such as Liposuction, Restylane® - Dr Serrurier is your surgeon.

He seldom operates after just one consultation and actively encourages a second visit to answer any additional questions that may come out of the first meeting. This site will hopefully answer many of your questions and help you understand some of the terminology used in surgery today. Once you make an appointment with Dr Serrurier, you will soon see why so many people come from far and wide for his help and why they continue to recommend others to do the same.

Apart from being a plastic surgeon, Charles is an avid family man. The father of two boys and a husband of 6 years, he finds balance through his home life and his enthusiasm for the outdoors. When he is not in his suit or scrubs, you will find him exploring the bush with his family or on more extreme expeditions deep into the wild, armed with nothing other than a sleeping bag and his keen wits.


When you begin the plastic or reconstructive surgery journey, it is important to remember that you will have to spend some time with your surgeon. Take a normal surgical procedure for example: first you will need to have a consult, then return for a second consult to satisfy any questions you may have. Dr Serrurier makes a point of meeting with you before you are moved to the theatre in order to answer any last minute questions and to allay any fears you may have. Thereafter, Charles will meet you again post procedure, and then regularly for follow ups, including wound dressings, removal of stitches and general discussions.

Charles views this level of care as vital, as he wants each of his patients to feel comfortable and confident, not only with his advice, techniques and results, but also with him. He firmly believes in building a rapport with his patients, and prides himself on being easy to talk to. He will openly discuss you fears and concerns, and is always willing to educate you about your Cosmetic, Reconstructive or Aesthetic procedure.


Dr Charles Serrurier, has been featured on "Carte Blanche" performing reconstructive procedures. He has also appeared on the new Michael Mole TV show and he regularly writes for publications including: Longevity, Fair Lady and Aesthetic Medicine.