Face & Neck lift

Turn back the clock with a natural looking you

If a Mini Facelift is no longer going to yield the results you want from Dr Serrurier, then a Full Face and Neck Lift is another option to discuss when making an appointment to see him. Advancements in technique have made the Full Face and Neck Lift a far more predictable procedure.
The surgery is not as simple as the magazines make out, and your individual characteristics need to be discussed and assessed by Dr Serrurier. Charles firmly believes that making sure he explains what you can expect from your surgery, will ensure that you have realistic expectations of the outcome and will walk away happy after the surgery .
Today the Full Face and Neck Lift is completed with new incisions to hide the scarring in your hairline. What Dr Serrurier will do is remove excess skin and replace the fat pads in the correct position to give you back your youthful features without the "stretched" look.
When you age, gravity and loss of skin elasticity, allow your natural fat pads to drop and droop. It is this drooping that creates deep folds and pronounced jowls. The Full Face and Neck Lift will reposition the fat, eliminate the jowl and give you a youthful appearance. If you are considering a Full Face and Neck Lift, please make an appointment to discuss your options with Dr Serrurier, especially as there may be additional treatments that will help to achieve a rejuvenated, younger looking you. Both men and women regularly undergo Full Face and Neck Lifts and often combine their surgeries with Botox®, Fillers and Restylane® Vital to further rejuvenate their appearance.
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